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The first post

The first blog post on the site gives the background to why the site exists and what kind of content you can expect to find here.

Welcome to and thanks for taking two minutes of your precious time to read this. This post is special because it is the very first post on the site, yay! The site has been in the works for a ridiculously long time and I finally pushed the button to make it go public.

Why another travel site?

Does the world need another travel site? Certainly not. Travelers visit the same places, take the same pictures and write about the same experiences. Most of what I write about is available elsewhere, but who cares? A site like this, one start because it is fun and the initial target audience is oneself. I have my reasons to put time and effort into writing stuff which I might be the only one to read.

After some years of extensive traveling, I was bored. Something was missing, part of the magic was gone. The destinations were fantastic as usual, but it was like more of the same. I felt the need to challenge myself and the way I travel. I want to travel without stress, see less in more time. I want to interact more with locals and eat the best local food. I want to learn how to take better photos, not only the easy ones of spectacular landscapes but also of city life and people. I want to go back to places I already visited to get the deeper experience without feeling I should tick off a new country instead. I might even want to do that backpacking trip staying in shabby hostels instead of enjoying air-conditioned hotels.

Making this site is a way to breathe new life into my traveling. It will force me to go outside my comfort zone and help me travel differently in my efforts to create something interesting for the site. It remains to see if I will succeed or not, but it would be great if some of you find it worthwhile to come back here occasionally.

Who am I?

Many travel sites and blogs are personal. Not this one. The site will have a personal touch, but without the focus on me. The destinations should always be in focus. I am based in Europe, but I intend to write articles about interesting places all over the world.

I like to do road trips. It is something special with the freedom of having a vehicle and be able to go wherever you want in your own pace. One section of the site will have itineraries from my road trips. Descriptions of places and routes will be the main content, but when I am inspired I blog about anything travel related.

Depending on how the site evolves, I might also get into technical matters to describe how I make it. Next to traveling, writing high quality software is my biggest interest, and that is how I make my living. I love to travel but I also love coding and even if I had the chance to travel full time I am not sure I would take it. This is my first attempt at making a website as I am a back-end developer. I am still learning and I start to get the hang of it, but there is still much left to master.

Thanks for reading and I hope to have you back here again, cheers!

– Chris


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