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So, what is this site about?

Is it a blog showing off the awesome life of a wanderer enjoying that never-ending journey around the world? The journey we all dream of but that most of us never will experience as we don't have the guts to quit our jobs and head out there into the unknown?

Not really.

To start with, this is not a blog. A travel blog kind of requires you to be traveling a lot for it to be interesting. I have around five or six travel weeks per year and that's not much of a travel blog. There is a blog section on the site, but I use it for posting random thoughts related to traveling.

I imagine that many travelers are like myself. There is the urge to see the world but with limited travel time. Vagabonding around the globe, taking each day as it comes, is sadly not an option. So I plan and I plan well. It is an art form to conjure up an itinerary including all you have to see in an area while still allowing for some time to rest in between long travel days.

What I am looking for when researching my next trip are inspiration and facts. I need inspiration to know where to go and facts to know how to get there. The information should be easy to find and easy to digest. Guidebooks can be good sources but they often give an embellished view of a destination. To get the real deal and detailed information I read blogs and reports of other travelers.

This site is my contribution to the travel community. It focuses on places I think everyone should experience. Places that made an impression on me in some way. I am usually on the beaten track, but once in a while I wander off to see something different. I hope this site can inspire and help someone trying to solve that frustrating trip itinerary equation.

A website must have a name and this one ended up being called roadtripster.net. It was not on the top of my list but it is almost impossible to find an unclaimed domain name today! Anyway, the name says something about my preferred way of travel: being mobile and enjoying the freedom of the road.